Silicone Vibrators

Silicone is often thought of as the best material to make a vibrator from. 100% Silicone vibrators are clean, safe, and hypoallergenic. The material holds body heat and is an excellent conductor of vibrations. Theses vibrators are sometimes pricey, but worth it. They are very durable. But be careful, silicone vibrators and silicone-based lubricant don’t work well together. If you use them together the material of your vibrator could dissolve.

Romance Vibrator

The Romance vibrator’s resonating vibrations are located in the tip of this extremely quiet vibrator. Pliable and durable, this vibrator was engineered to be a premium, high-quality massager. Body-safe silicone transmits vibration up and down the length. You can use the Romance externally or internally for all kinds of sensations. And because it’s waterproof, you can use the L’Amour Romance in or out of the tub—it works just as well when fully submerged.

We Vibe 3

The We Vibe 3 is the newest innovation in vibrator technology. The third generation of the We-Vibe is definitely the best, featuring 40% more power and a remote control for uninterrupted lovemaking. The We-Vibe is a small silicone vibrator with two vibration points—one that stimulates your clitoris, and one that presses against your G-spot. The We-Vibe is shaped like a C, but has a flexible internal skeleton which allows it to bend to perfectly fit your body.

Jelly Vibrators

Jelly material is good for making vibrators because it is the most soft and realistic. They are often the least expensive vibrators as well. But many Jelly vibrators have PVC in them, so be sure that your jelly vibrator is phthalate-free, basically meaning that it is free from harmful chemicals! Because Jelly material is porous, clean with sex toy cleaner or mild soap and water. To make your toy last even longer cover it with a condom before use.

Realistic Jelly

We love the Realistic Jelly Vibrator because it’s a perfect first-time vibrator. The Realistic Jelly Vibrator is inexpensive, reliable, and vibrates at a pleasurable purr. First-time buyers and women looking for a softer, more realistic vibrator will love the Realistic Jelly. The Realistic Jelly Vibrator has topped bestseller lists at for the past decade!

Rabbit Habit

The Rabbit Habit Vibrator has an excellent reputation. The Rabbit Habit’s motor runs smoothly and quietly; the materials are Phthalate-free; and the Rabbit Habit uses metal internal gears for long-term quality. The Rabbit Habit features separate controls that run rotation and vibration. This means you can enjoy clitoral stimulation and vaginal stimulation, or focus on just one amazing feeling. When you use both the vibration and the rotation, you will receive intense clitoral and vaginal stimulation. The head of the elastomer shaft will swirl around to press into your g-spot, causing non-stop g-spot stimulation. The beads on the shaft rotate to stimulate the nerves around your vaginal opening. The Rabbit Habit was made to give you an intense, fulfilling experience. It vibrates at a pleasurable hum and has multiple speeds so you can control your pleasure.

Hard Plastic

Hard plastic vibrators are ideal for on-the-spot internal or external stimulation. The vibrations of a hard plastic vibrator that is powered by two AA batteries will feel much stronger than those from a soft vibrator that utilizes the same power supply. Hard plastic vibrators are easy to clean as well.

Dr. Laura Berman Athena

The Dr. Laura Berman Athena Pocket Vibrator is a small, sturdy, waterproof mini-massager. We love this little zinger because it’s perfect for strong, targeted clitoral stimulation, and it’s really versatile. You can use the Athena Vibrator solo, with a dildo, with a partner, or in the bath. This vibrator is also small enough to serve as a discreet travel buddy. The Dr. Laura Berman Athena features one setting: an intense purr. The hard, smooth plastic casing transmits strong vibrations right into the tip of the vibrator. This means lots of intense buzzing vibration on your labia, clitoris, or wherever you choose to use the Athena.

Lelo Nea

We love the Lelo Nea Vibrator because of its versatility, streamlined design, and high-tech features. Designed to please every woman, the Lelo Nea is a clitoral stimulator that feels amazing in any situation. The Nea vibrates at 10 different levels. The softest quake imparts a low, thudding vibration. At higher speeds, the Leo has a strong, buzzing vibration. The Lelo Nea is made from high-quality, smooth, seamless plastic that feels fantastic with your own natural lubrication, and works well with any lube. It’s a great vibrator to use solo, and it’s small enough to use during sex with a partner. The Nea is a non-threatening vibrator that first-timers and couples can use with ease and enjoyment.

Rubber Vibrators

Calling a vibrator ‘rubber’ can be a very general statement. If you want to get specific some of the jelly vibrators can technically be ‘rubber’ and the hard plastic vibrators can also be called ‘rubber.’ Here we are specifically talking about firm rubber vibrators. They are somewhere in between the hard plastic and the very soft jelly texture. Like the jelly texture, rubber vibrators are very pliable and realistic in texture. On the other hard they are slightly stiffer allowing them to be used for hands-free or harness usage. Many dildos are made from rubber material. Rubber vibrators are porous and should be cleaned well with a sex toy cleaner or mild soap and water. Also be sure to use water based lubricant.

8 inch Realistic Dildo

The Doc Johnson Realistic Cock was molded directly from a penis, making it the most realistic dildo ever. This dildo is hand-detailed to capture every vein, bulge and crease of a real, erect penis. It measures in at eight inches long and is six and a half inches around, making it rather large. The Realistic Cock is made of soft rubber with some bend, so it can hit all the right spots. It has a strong suction cup base for versatile play.

6 1/2 inch Dildo

Experience a soft, smooth dildo with a firm, flexible core. The Basix dildos are realistically shaped and textured, with a slight curve for added G-spot stimulation. These dildos are white flesh-toned and have all the details of a real penis: A larger head, veined length and spongy balls. The Basix dildos are soft, smooth and extremely life-like. They are made from latex-free, phthalate-free rubber, making them hypoallergenic and non-toxic. The suction-cup base makes them ideal for hands-free or harness assisted play.

Stainless Steel Sex Toys

Stainless steel is a fun sex toy material because of its weight, temperature sensitivity and hygienic properties. You can heat or cool a stainless steel toy by simply running it under the faucet. Also stainless steel has a hefty weight to it, which provides a unique deeper pleasure. Because stainless steel is non-porous it stays very sanitary and can last forever. Clean them with a sex toy cleaner, or stick it in boiling water for a few minutes.

Njoy Fun Wand

Ideal alone or with a partner, the Fun Wand is great fun for anal or g-spot stimulation. You can heat this toy up or cool it down for all sorts of fantastic sensations. The Fun Wand features 12 ounces of pure stainless steel, polished to a mirror shine. Stainless steel provides a different feeling than many other sex toy materials—the heaviness alone is something to experience.

nJoy Stainless Steel Anal Plug
The Pure Plugs combine a large head for that delicious stretch of penetration, with a tapered stem for easy retention and long-term comfort. The weighty steel adds a lovely sense of fullness and presence to remind you just how sensitive you really are. This stainless steel plug can be heated or cooled to add to the sensation. Njoy’s Pure Plugs feel amazing for both men and women.

Glass Vibrators

Glass, as I’m sure you can imagine, seems to be a very unconventional material to make a vibrator out of. But there are many good things about glass vibrators. First of all Glass vibrators are non-porous, meaning they don’t hold germs and are very easy to sanitize. This also makes them last virtually forever. They are also free from chemicals so anyone with allergies can expect them to be hypo-allergenic. Last, Glass vibrators retain body heat. They heat and cool quickly so, much like the stainless steel vibrators, you can run them under hot or cold water to change the temperature.

The Waterproof Glass Vibrator
The Waterproof Glass Vibrator delivers the pleasurable hum of multi-speed vibrations. The vibrator can be used for internal or external stimulation. You can use the vibrator with or without the glass cover, which removes with a quick tug. The Waterproof Glass Vibrator is made from hypoallergenic glass that’s both nonporous and body-safe. One of our favorite things about glass toys is that you can heat them up under warm water or chill them in cold water or the freezer. The Glass Vibrator gives you all kinds of pleasurable options.

Sapphire Spiral Glass Dildo

The Sapphire Spiral Glass Dildo is a sleek hand blown glass dildo. The Sapphire Spiral can be used heated up or cooled down for amazing sensations. This glass dildo is about 7.5 inches long, and 1.25 inches in diameter. It’s lined with ridges to stimulate you even further. This non-porous glass is hygienic and easy to sterilize after you’ve had your fun. You can use any kind of lubricant with this high-quality dildo.