Power & Sound

The amount of power and the noise of your vibrator are both very important factors in choosing a vibrator. Contrary to popular belief, higher power doesn’t always mean louder. Many new vibrators have high and variable speeds with very little noise. Vibrators.com has all the power and sound information listed on every vibrator, in an easy to read manner. We’ve chosen a few great ones to feature here, but Vibrators.com made it so easy that we didn’t have much work to do!

Here’s How the Vibrators.com System Classifies Power Vs. Sound

Sound Ratings

Whisper:Vibrators with a Whisper rating are the quietest. These vibrators are barely audible and are the perfect choice if you are looking for the most privacy.
Purr: Vibrators with a Purr rating are a little louder, yet not deafening by any means. Using Purr vibrators under a blanket, while running a fan, should ensure your privacy. Most of the vibrators we carry have a Purr rating.
Hum: Vibrators that Hum are a little noisier. If you have a roommate that roams the hallway outside your bedroom, they just might hear your vibrator. You can buffer this noise with a fan or TV.
Buzz: Vibrators with a Buzz rating are fairly loud. If you are worried about anyone hearing your vibrator, you might want to purchase one with lower Sound rating. But if you don’t have a nosy roommate or children, Buzz away!
Thundering: There are only a few Thundering vibrators. These vibrators are typically very strong, and their noise level is as high as their strength. Thundering vibrators will be heard outside your bedroom door no matter what.

Power Levels

Gentle: Gentle is the lowest power level. Gentle vibrators massage tenderly and are ideal for those who haven’t played with vibes before, or who prefer a softer touch. Often, our jelly and disposable vibrators fall into the Gentle category
Pleasurable: Most Vibrators.com massagers fall into the Pleasurable category. Usually, these vibrators run on the power of two AA batteries. Vibrators.com experts believe the Pleasurable vibrators will delight and satisfy most women.
Intense: Any vibrator labeled Intense scored very high in the Vibrator Institute’s vibration tests. These vibrators feature strong vibrations for those of you that desire a more powerful sensation. 
Unrelenting: Unrelenting is the strongest power level. Unrelenting vibrators feature a powerhouse of impressive vibration. We only carry a few vibrators we label Unrelenting—they are that powerful.

Lelo Soraya- Unrelenting & Whisper Quiet

The Lelo Soraya has unrelenting power, the highest power setting available while also being whisper quiet, the quietest sound setting available. 

The Soraya features two vibrating pleasure points, both of which are unrelentingly powerful. One is located on the clitoral stimulator, and the other vibrates from the tip of the vibrator. Using the three control buttons located on base of the vibrator, you can cycle through eight stimulation modes, from the softest flutter to the most powerful pulse. The versatile Soraya allows you to focus vibration just on your clitoris, just on your g-spot, or on both together, without compromising strength.

Lelo Siri- Unrelenting & Whisper Quiet

The Lelo Siri has unrelenting power, the highest power setting available while also being whisper quiet, the quietest sound setting available. 

The rechargeable Siri vibrates from the softest rumble, like a feather stroking your skin, to an unrelenting throttle. This vibrator will please girls who love powerhouse vibrators, and those who prefer a softer touch. The Lelo Siri features six stimulation patterns for varied pleasure. Cycle through the various settings with push-button controls that are always easy to use.

We Vibe Touch- Unrelenting & Whisper Quiet

The We Vibe Touch has unrelenting power, the highest power setting available while also being whisper quiet, the quietest sound setting available. 

We love the vibrations of the Touch Vibrator because they feel deep and rumbly. There are five vibration settings, and the most powerful one rivals famously strong wand vibrators. The Touch is one of our quietest vibrators as well. If you have roommates or children and need to be discreet, this is definitely the vibrator for you.

Seduction Vibrator- Intense & Whisper Quiet

The Seduction Vibrator has a power level of Intense which is the second highest power available. It also is whisper quiet which is the quietest setting possible. 

We love the Seduction Vibrator because it is an ultra-powerful silicone massager that vibrates all over, targeting your g-spot and your clitoris. This flexible vibrator features two vibrating stimulators and it’s the perfect size and shape for intense orgasms. The Seduction Vibrator features a rounded head and soft ridges along its length for extra stimulation. Try this waterproof vibrator in the shower or bath for discreet playtime.

To learn more about the Vibrators.com Power and Sound Tests,
The Vibrator Institute.