Visual Appeal

The Visual Appeal of your vibrator is very important when choosing which vibrator to buy. You want to be ‘attracted’ to your vibrator. Some people prefer their vibrators to be phallic shaped while others are turned-off by something too realistic. Vibrators come in many sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. Overall design of modern vibrators can vary drastically! We’ve created a list of some of the best looking vibrators in each category. But as always, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so please check out all of the vibrators on and pick one for yourself!

Lelo Soraya

The Soraya is part of Lelo’s Insignia line. The Soraya is our favorite of the bunch. The Soraya received a perfect score on the Vibrator Institute’s vibration level and sound tests. This vibrator vibrates at the strongest level, Unrelenting, and just barely makes audible noise, giving it a Whisper rating. The Lelo Soraya features everything you expect in a premium Lelo vibrator: easy-to-use push-button controls, variable vibration speeds and programs, body-safe FDA-approved silicone and fully rechargeable vibrations. With the Soraya, Lelo pushes the envelope of luxury to bring you unique pleasure features. The Soraya is fully waterproof. It recharges through a nearly invisible, resealable divot located in the base of the vibrator. The Soraya also features a beautiful, functional gold inset along its length. This inset works as a handle, giving you perfect control over your pleasure. The Soraya features two vibrating pleasure points, both of which are unrelentingly powerful. One is located on the clitoral stimulator, and the other vibrates from the tip of the vibrator. Using the three control buttons located on base of the vibrator, you can cycle through eight stimulation modes, from the softest flutter to the most powerful pulse. The versatile Soraya allows you to focus vibration just on your clitoris, just on your g-spot, or on both together, without compromising strength.

Njoy Fun Wand

Ideal alone or with a partner, the Fun Wand is great fun for anal or g-spot stimulation. You can heat this toy up or cool it down for all sorts of fantastic sensations. The Fun Wand features 12 ounces of pure stainless steel, polished to a mirror shine. Stainless steel provides a different feeling than many other sex toy materials—the heaviness alone is something to experience. This toy comes with its own storage case and user’s guide. The nJoy Fun Wand is best enjoyed with a water or silicone-based lubricant. Disinfect it easily by throwing it in the dishwasher, boiling it, or using mild soap and water.

Realistic Jelly Vibrator

The Realistic Jelly Vibrator is a perfect first-time vibrator. The Realistic Jelly Vibrator is inexpensive, reliable, and vibrates at a pleasurable purr. First-time buyers and women looking for a softer, more realistic vibrator will love the Realistic Jelly. The Realistic Jelly Vibrator has topped bestseller lists at for the past decade! The Realistic Jelly Vibrator is a large, realistically shaped vibrator that is soft, pliable and curved for g-spot pleasure. This big jelly vibrator is 8.25 inches long for deep penetration, with a diameter of 1.6 inches. The Hot Pinks Curved Vibrator is phthalate-free and skin safe. Before this vibrator was improved to be phthalate-free, it was called the King Tut Vibrator. Now it is know as the Hot Pinks.

Waterproof Rabbit

We love the Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator because it features pretty much everything you could ever want in a rabbit vibrator. The well-made Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator features a textured length, an oscillating shaft lined with moving pearls, and an intensely vibrating clitoral stimulator. Not only does the Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator feature multiple speeds of vibration and rotation, you can submerge it completely under water, making it perfect for bath-time play.

Lelo Alia

The Lelo Alia is part of Lelo’s premium Insignia line. The Insignia line is fully waterproof and features near-silent vibrations for the utmost discretion. It also has easy-to-use push-button controls, variable vibration speeds and programs, body-safe FDA-approved silicone and fully rechargeable vibrations. It recharges through a nearly invisible, resealable divot located in the base of the vibrator. The Alia is silky soft to glide smoothly over skin. This vibrator is the perfect shape for external use anywhere on the body, and can be used solo or with a partner. If you travel, you’ll love your Alia. The push-button controls boast a locking feature, so the Alia won’t turn on in your bag or cause any embarrassing moments. The Lelo Alia comes with a 1-year warranty booklet, a charger, an Insignia brooch, a user manual and a satin storage pouch.

Romance Vibrator

The Romance vibrator’s resonating vibrations are located in the tip of this extremely quiet vibrator. Pliable and durable, this vibrator was engineered to be a premium, high-quality massager. Body-safe silicone transmits vibration up and down the length. You can use the Romance externally or internally for all kinds of sensations. And because it’s waterproof, you can use the L’Amour Romance in or out of the tub—it works just as well when fully submerged. The silicone Romance vibrator is 6.75˝ in length by 1.5˝ in diameter. It’s bendable with a slanted tip for targeted g-spot or clitoral stimulation. The Romance features easy-to-use push-button controls.

We Vibe Touch

Experience the unrelenting power of the Touch Vibrator. The Touch is encased in a smooth, silky silicone exterior that makes using it a fantastic sensory experience. The rechargeable Touch Vibrator has a versatile shape, making it perfect for all types of sexy stimulation. The Touch Vibrator has a solid base with a soft, flickering tip. This vibrator is best used for clitoral stimulation and all-over labial stimulation. We love the curved scoop on the underside of the Touch Vibrator—add a little lube to this spot and you’ll experience heavenly vibration and suction. Did we mention the vibration? The Touch Vibrator is one of our strongest vibrators, and one of our most quiet. We love the vibrations of the Touch Vibrator because they feel deep and rumbly. There are five vibration settings, and the most powerful one rivals famously strong wand vibrators. The Touch is one of our quietest vibrators as well. If you have roommates or children and need to be discreet, this is definitely the vibrator for you.

We Vibe 3

The We Vibe 3 is the newest innovation in vibrator technology. The third generation of the We-Vibe is definitely the best, featuring 40% more power and a remote control for uninterrupted lovemaking. The We-Vibe is a small silicone vibrator with two vibration points—one that stimulates your clitoris, and one that presses against your G-spot. The We-Vibe is shaped like a C, but has a flexible internal skeleton which allows it to bend to perfectly fit your body. The We Vibe is the perfect vibrator for sex or solo play. It was engineered to hug your curves, and presses securely against your G-spot when his penis is inside you. The We-Vibe is small and slender (measuring at 3.25 inches in insertable length and 1 inch across), so a penis or dildo can comfortably fit into the vagina along with this pleasurable vibe.

Lelo Lily

The Lily Vibrator is a uniquely luxurious sensual item by Lelo. The Lily has a contemporary luxury flair and a smooth satin-finish surface that feels soft and sensual against your skin. By blending fashion, femininity, engineering and design, the Lelo company has created an item that is not just functional, but seductive in its own right. This pleasure object vibrates at ten speeds, from the lightest touch to a high-powered purr. The Lily is made to fit over your pubic bone, providing vibrations directly to your clitoris. The Lily is small enough to be used during sex or with your favorite dildo for pleasurable all-over stimulation. The Lily Vibrator is more than just a pretty object. It is functionally superior as well. The smooth, silky surface is gently curved to accommodate your needs. The Lily is rechargeable, extremely silent, small and portable. The Lelo comes with a box, charger, satin carry pouch, and a one year warranty.

Lelo Nea

Designed to please every woman, the Lelo Nea is a clitoral stimulator that feels amazing in any situation. The Nea offers a great range of vibrations for women who prefer a soft or more intense touch. It’s a great vibrator to use solo, and it’s small enough to use during sex with a partner. The Nea is a non-threatening vibrator that first-timers and couples can use with ease and enjoyment. The Nea is small, discreet and doesn’t necessarily look like a vibrator—in fact, it could be mistaken for a high-tech mp3 player. The Nea Vibrator has a porcelain-like finish and is onyx in color, with delicate lavender-colored flower detail. It’s designed to fit in the palm of your hand and to fit over the curve of your labia. The Nea vibrates at 10 different levels. The softest quake imparts a low, thudding vibration. At higher speeds, the Leo has a strong, buzzing vibration. The Lelo Nea is made from high-quality, smooth, seamless plastic that feels fantastic with your own natural lubrication, and works well with any lube.

Waterproof Glass Vibrator

Can’t decide between a glass dildo or a traditional vibrator? Don’t! The Waterproof Glass Vibrator is the best of both worlds. This hand-crafted glass massager will leave you breathless. This glass wand is sleek, unique and completely hard. The Waterproof Glass Vibrator delivers the pleasurable hum of multi-speed vibrations. The vibrator can be used for internal or external stimulation. You can use the vibrator with or without the glass cover, which removes with a quick tug. The Waterproof Glass Vibrator is made from hypoallergenic glass that’s both nonporous and body-safe. One of our favorite things about glass toys is that you can heat them up under warm water or chill them in cold water or the freezer. The Glass Vibrator gives you all kinds of pleasurable options.

Seduction Vibrator

The Seduction Vibrator is an ultra-powerful silicone massager that vibrates all over, targeting your g-spot and your clitoris. This flexible vibrator features two vibrating stimulators and it’s the perfect size and shape for intense orgasms.The Seduction Vibrator is a traditional vibrator that vibrates up and down its length. It features a flexible vibrating clitoral stimulator that shakes and shudders strongly as well. The whisper quiet Seduction Vibrator is firm yet pliable, so it will bend to meet your needs. Try this waterproof vibrator in the shower or bath for discreet playtime.

Lelo Siri

This Lelo Siri vibrator vibrates at the highest level, Unrelenting, and just barely makes audible noise, giving it a Whisper rating. The Siri is one of the strongest, quietest vibrators you’ll ever use. It is a discreet vibrator with a modern look. Made for clitoral stimulation, this egg-shaped vibrator gently hugs the unique curve of your body. The Siri is white with a silky-smooth pink finish. The rechargeable Siri vibrates from the softest rumble, like a feather stroking your skin, to an unrelenting throttle. This vibrator will please girls who love powerhouse vibrators, and those who prefer a softer touch. The Lelo Siri features six stimulation patterns for varied pleasure. Cycle through the various settings with push-button controls that are always easy to use.

8 inch Realistic Dildo

If you’re searching for something that looks exactly like the real thing, the 8 inch Realistic Dildo is for you! The Doc Johnson Realistic Cock was molded directly from a penis, making it the most realistic dildo ever. This dildo is hand-detailed to capture every vein, bulge and crease of a real, erect penis. It measures in at eight inches long and is six and a half inches around, making it rather large. The Realistic Cock is made of soft rubber with some bend, so it can hit all the right spots. It has a strong suction cup base for versatile play.